Memorializing your loved one can be as simple or extravagant as you choose. Once you have decided on cremation, the next step is typically to determine the best way to tell the life story of your loved one through their memorial and what you choose as the final place for remembrance.

Planning your own memorial

Create a memorial that is as unique as your loved one – and save thousands!

A dignified cremation combined with a personalized memorial can create a memorable celebration of your loved one’s life. aCremation’s Guide to Planning a Memorial takes you through each step of planning and hosting your own memorial service or scattering – including money saving tips.

aCremation provides guidance on how to plan a service that will honor your loved one and be a tribute to their life. Whether it be locating the perfect location to scatter ashes or selecting a special urn for display or burial, our professionals are here to assist you.

 aCremation’s Memorial Planning Guide

Memorialization options

Choosing a memorial is important as it should reflect the person. The right memorial can reflect the individual’s life and be a permanent remembrance of them for generations that follow. aCremation can assist you with additional information on some of the commonly selected memorials used by those choosing cremation.

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