estate planningEstate planning and end-of-life planning are a wonderful gift you can give your loved ones. As you begin to think about making direct cremation arrangements, burial plans, or picking your funeral home and/or cemetery, go ahead and look at the entire estate planning process as well.

Many times, people pass away and even the simple question of how the cremation will be paid for is unknown by their closest loved ones. In other situations, people put aside money, buy cemetery plots, or set up funeral policies but fail to leave instructions on how to access the policy or the name of the funeral home they used.  Having a plan that is clearly explained and available to those closest to you can be invaluable at the time of your passing.

Cost of estate planning

Trying to do estate settlement without all the necessary information is frustrating and expensive. The costs range from additional legal fees to the intangible cost of your personal time spent tracking down account numbers, notarizing affidavits, and responding to correspondence.

Even before making cremation or funeral arrangements, having your loved one’s estate in order prior to their passing is one of the most valuable and important things you can do for your family and yourself. To help you understand estate settlement concepts and prepare for the future, aCremation offers a checklist of commonly needed information.

The information will help you understand what documents and information you will need; help you get organized and prepare for meetings with banks and attorneys.

Estate Settlement Tools

Estate Settlement checklist to help you prepare.Download your FREE basic Estate Settlement Checklist.


The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has many free tools to help seniors with financial planning.

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