Choosing memorial options is important and should reflect the special person being remembered. The right memorial can reflect the individual’s life and be a permanent remembrance of them for generations that follow. aCremation has provided additional information on some of the commonly selected memorials used by those choosing cremation.

Types of Memorial Options

Decorative urns

A wonderful way to keep a loved one’s remains close by. With thousands of options and designs available, families are sure to find the perfect one that is as special as the love one  they represent. When purchasing, be sure that the urn you pick is the right size. The largest selection of urns is designed for adults. Many can be personalized.

Keepsake urns

Designs range from exact replicas of full-size urns to teddy bears and beautiful blown glass art with remains spun into the artwork.

Cremation jewelry

You can elect to have a small portion of the remains inserted inside the cremation jewelry or choose a commemorative item (including money clips and keychains) and engrave your loved one’s information, favorite saying, or a special date.

Permanent memorials

You can elect to have a portion (or all) of the cremated remains placed in permanent memorials. Options include using a family cemetery plot, urn gardens, scattering gardens, or a columbarium.

Scattering remains

Ash scattering takes many forms including sea or water burials, casting, trenching, raking or scattering urns.

Shipping remains

Remains can be shipped to a destination or your choice. In the United States, cremated remains must be sent through the US Postal Service. There are special handling and shipping instructions that must be followed to protect the remains during shipment.

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