SouthernCare Hospice Caregiver Hand Picked by Family

SouthernCare Hospice Caregiver Hand Picked by Family

Jacqueline Harris - SouthernCare Hospice

Jacque Harris with SouthernCare Hospice near Waco is aCremation’s February Dedicated Caregiver of the Month.

Jacque Harris, a nurse with SouthernCare hospice near Waco, left an impression with one family even before she met them. When the Bonham family was faced with selecting a hospice, the nursing home asked if they needed a list. There was no need for a list. Mr. Bonham knew exactly who he wanted, “The blond haired lady in the blue suit,” who he would soon learn was Jacque Harris.

He had been observing her with other patients and families. “It was the most wonderful experience in the most difficult time of our lives,” said Mr. Bonham. He was impressed that when they would visit and have a list of questions or needs, Jacque would take care of them with the best attitude.

Even after the loss of their loved one, Jacque continued to talk with the family, helping them through the difficult time.

Jacque was recognized by aCremation as its Dedicated Caregiver of the Month for February. The monthly award recognizes caregivers that make a difference in the lives of the patients and families they serve. She was nominated by the Bonham family.


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Mary Beth Barnett

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