Submitting Obituaries for Publication

Submitting obituaries for publication is done by the family. In order to continue offering the most affordable cremation services possible, aCremation asks families to submit obituaries directly to publications.

Guidelines for submitting obituaries:

  • Deadlines – When contacting a publication (whether print or online) be sure to confirm the time of day when submissions from individuals are due because they vary by publication. Some have a noon deadline for it to run the next day. Many publications have timelines for how long after the death they will publish obituaries (typically within 30 days).
  • Costs – Obituaries (also called Death Notices) are typically considered a form of classified ad. As a result, you will be charged based on the length of the obituary. If there is a charge, you will be asked to pay for the notice in advance.
  • Verification – aCremation will gladly speak with publications requesting verification from a funeral home/crematory.