Introduction to the aCremation Blog

Introduction to the aCremation Blog

Why would a cremation company blog?

Simply put, because not everyone knows everything about every facet of the cremation process. Part of the role of a funeral director is to be an “informational counselor” – to provide appropriate information to families medical professionals so they can make informed decisions or recommendations. What better way to discuss some of the most commonly asked about topics and help provide useful information than a blog?

Our goal

We want this blog to help you know more about cremation by providing you tips, advice, and insights on the cremation process and topics surrounding it. If we can provide the straight-forward information you need to make informed decisions about cremation, then you will be more at-ease with the process and be more confident that you are making the best decisions for loved one and family.

And perhaps we can even answer some of your “burning questions”.

Who should read it?

Anyone who is mortal. Most people have older loved ones and the topic of cremation will eventually come up. Others want to prepare for their own eventual death. And, thousands of others also are called to serve those who are nearing death, including social workers, chaplains, nurses, Medical Examiner personnel and hospice volunteers.

Cremation is widely accepted throughout North America as a dignified alternative to burial. But because many of us grew up only knowing traditional burial, there are lots of questions, misconceptions and just plain curiosity about cremation. So, for those who want to know more, this blog will hopefully provide important, if not just interesting, information.

About the blogger

I’m Mary Beth Barnett, and like every person we serve, I have a life story. As a mortuary school graduate, I hold a provisional Funeral Directors license in Texas. My involvement with aCremation began before our doors opened – researching how we could provide affordable cremations and still keep quality and service standards high. Through this process, I developed a passion for working with families who are going through one of the most stressful phases of life – planning for death. So after 25 years working in the corporate world, I now have the privilege of serving families.

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